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Charity to Change The World

Donate for the betterment of the humanity

Globle Warming

Adopt a Child

Save Environment

Kids Education

Support Homeless

Empower the Poorest To Get Education

Especially Women and Girls, to ransform Their Lives


child deserves a bright future.


Children, implement programs


vaccinate 25 children

Help Power Our Work

$ 55,000

Needed Donation
in Nigeria

Campaign to provide food to the poor

$ 110,000

Needed Donation
in Belgium

Fighting malnutrition in kids of Botswana

$ 334,000

Needed Donation
in South Africa

Senior citizens should be given food daily

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Our Events

Global Fund Raising Plan in UAE

July 20 2024 Screet town 21, Arizona

Civil Society And The Climate Change

October 3 2024 Screet town 21, United States